hello, it’s me.

hi y’all. cozy up & stay a while.

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My name is Whitney Repole (dubbed “Whit”) and I’m a former student-athlete at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing in May. Blame it all on my roots but I am enthusiastic about the following: traveling/ exploration, breakfast food (especially that delectably unrefined Tex-Mex achievement the breakfast taco), the darkest of coffees and chocolates, social media, Harry Potter (for posterity, Sirius and the Weasley twins are my favorites), typography, photography, any and all types of fiction and poetry, giant dogs (like my beloved, slightly overweight golden retriever, Tucker Jackson) and cooking, or more accurately, culinary experimentation.


If I were the pretentious sort of lass, I would spout lofty aspirations about this project that sound something like this: “The goal of this blog is to provide the opportunity for you to transcend the boundaries of human limitation and experience.”

An important distinction: my goal is to help you see the world differently, to turn it inside out and upside down through a combination of prose & photographs. As a human being who is tremendously interested in experiencing the entire breadth of my one wild and precious life, I am constantly drawn to the fragility and capability of perception. And despite my slight, secret hope for reincarnation, for another chance at living, I am aware that such dreams are unstable and most likely the stuff of fiction.

Which brings me to the purpose that forms the core of my blog and Instagram. As a creative in today’s hyper-Web world, I aspire to share my human experience and creative process with you through a combination of two artistic mediums. The mission of whittywords is to fuse precise, original, lively prose with photographs I’ve taken throughout my travels abroad and daily treks around Iowa City.

Many people champion the “unplugged” way of life as the only plausible route to truly living. Respectfully, I have to disagree. One of the greatest capacities of the Internet is its ability to connect, inspire and produce ideas. This trifecta of creative potential and productivity is something that I sincerely believe in and ascribe to.